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Its not all about the weekends!

Its been a busy week for us last week and the week ahead! We are delighted to take delivery of some new products not just for hire but to upgrade our setups.

Firstly the new Award winning PhonOgram Audio Guest book, We have upgraded some speakers, lighting and podium scrims for our gbx package and formal wedding setups.

This Week Julie and I will hold several meetings with wedding couples as we normally do but the other bits are with the Accountant, our Camera and Alarm guy and our neon signs guy.

We will also take this opportunity to congratulate our three couples form the weddings last weekend Mr & Mrs Patterson who had there reception at Towerlands Community Centre, Mr & Mrs Kernachan who got married at Brisbane House Hotel, where Connor had a fantastic night at both and Mr & Mrs Larmour at the Fenwick Hotel, Julie and myself had a great day with a really funny ceremony and a great night had by all.


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